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My Daily Polls has been a recent leader in market research for many top companies and brands. With both qualitative and quantitative capabilities, My Daily Polls specializes in short polls and research geared specifically towards every client's unique requirement of needs.

We have found answers to critical questions raised by our ever-expanding client base. From simple small one-off, ad hoc projects to large multi-year studies, My Daily Polls will uncover deep, actionable insights and produce the best quality research data on every single project.

Our employees are extremely active within the market research industry, which has allowed My Daily Polls to employ the latest in scientific research strategies and methodologies, and remain at the top of industry innovation.

My Daily Polls combines an unwavering commitment to exceptional client service with industry leading project management. Our staff members are dedicated to every project, every client, every time!


Register at MyDailyPolls and fill out your personal profile. Your personal profile is created by completing a brief series of questions about your likes, dislikes and other issues you are curious about. This helps us to cater specifically to your preferences so you receive the polls you want.

Vote and View Results
Vote and View Results

Vote! We will start sending you a poll everyday (or as frequently as you like) based on your preferences. All you need to do is vote and view the results to see how millions of other Americans feel about the topics and issues you care about.


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